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Venusian Love Kit

Venus Pentacle, Incense, Oil, and Candle
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This limited time collaboration with Devil’s Conjure contains a consecrated Venus Pentacle of your choice, a hand poured Venus candle, Venus oil, and incense of Venus.

This Venusian kit includes a hand poured soy wax candle blessed upon the altar of Aphrodite as well as a specially formulated love oil and incense, including materia like: damiana, rose, jasmine, and rosemary, designed to heat up your sex life, open up communication between lovers, heal or deepen your relationship, and so much more! Each love candle is anointed with Red Goddess oil & blessed upon the altar of Aphrodite.

Please see the individual pentacles of Venus for more information and reviews, as well as this newsletter on the glamour of Venus.

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