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Wealth of Heaven Kit

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This limited time kit contains a consecrated Practical Occult Second Pentacle of Jupiter*, Oro del Cielo Ritual Prosperity Oil and Incense from Kthonia Ritual Apothecary, and 10 unscented hand-poured blue chime candles from PRISMETAMAGICK.

Second Pentacle of Jupiter

From the Key of Solomon: “This is proper for acquiring glory, honours, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind; also to discover Treasures and chase away the Spirits who preside over them.”

Reverse side is the First Pentacle of Jupiter: “This serveth to invoke the Spirits of Jupiter, and especially those whose Names are written around the Pentacle, among whom Parasiel is the Lord and Master of Treasures, and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein they are.”

Consecrated in the hour of Jupiter and made of 14g pewter

Oro del Cielo Ritual Prosperity Oil and Incense (Kthonia Ritual Apothecary)

The earth is a boundless crossroad of the spirits, where both the Cthonic and Ouranic thrive. Ensouled by hands of flame, air and earth, the Oro del Cielo Ritual Prosperity Oil brings the celestial mana of the sky to the earthen spirits to hold and ground abundance and prosperity.

The Oro del Cielo Ritual Prosperity Incense is an excellent tool to draw spirits of prosperity and abundance, meant to amplify and transfer prayers and incantations during prosperity rituals.

This ritual oil is not a ritual fragrance and is best used to annoint talismans, candles, and the anointing of statues or altar spaces. This oil has been handcrafted with all natural ingredients, and is skin friendly to most – we strongly recommend a small patch test if you choose to apply this oil in light drops to a bath or on your skin.

Oro del Cielo is a handcrafted loose incense best used to suffumigate spaces before and or during ritual, as a feeder to spirits housed in vessels as well as prosperity talismans.

Featured ingredients include:

Star Anise, Bay leaves,,Sandalwood, Juniper Berries, Cedar and other natural materia blessed and consecrated by the celestial rulers of Sun and Night.

Please inquire with any allergic concerns to Christa: [email protected]

Hand-Poured Paraffin Candles (PRISMETAMAGICK)

Includes a ten pack of unscented 4″ hand-poured blue paraffin candles by PRISMETAMAGICK

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