CMN Interviews: The Secrets of Helios and Getting Good with Alison Chicosky

In our latest interview, the Practical Occult owner and professional thaumaturgus Alison Chicosky talks to us about her new book, The Secrets of Helios: Unlocking the Practical Uses of PGM IV.1596-1715, how to become better at magic, the necessity of magic in the modern world, and occult customer service. All this and loads more, so join us! With a Special Thanks to Cory C. Childs(composer, writer and translator for The Secrets of Helios) for use of his recording of “The Consecration of All Things” in our intro!






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Alison Chicosky
Author: Alison Chicosky

Alison Chicosky is a scholar and practitioner of a variety of forms of thaumaturgy with a focus on results-based magic. While especially interested in both Solomonic magic and the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the Greek Magical Papyri, she is also well versed in soul-flight and psychic magic of various kinds. The founder and force behind Practical Occult (, she strives to provide pentacles and other enchanted items drawn from a broad background of rigorously studied ancient arts, leveraging the systems of the past for practical modern use.