Sorcery of Pentacles Class

We here at Practical Occult make no secret of being great fans of Pentacles and their miraculous effects on our world. However, an often spoken-of but little elaborated-upon aspect of magic is the reality that the Solomonic Pentacles can be employed across a wide range of sorcerous systems and thaumaturgical technologies.

With this class, Alexander Moore guides the student through a contemporary look at some of the myriad ways this symbol-set of heaven-sent glyphs can be made to aid the magician. From using them as ingredients in spells, lamps and mojo hands to a commentary on the various debates raging between folk magicians and grimoire purists, the discerning individual will find plenty to consider and experiment with herein.

Some of what is included in this class:

Commentary on Online Debates Regarding Pentacles and their Construction

The Use of Pentacles in Rootwork Contexts

The Use of Pentacles as Working Surfaces or Altars

The Spirits of the Pentacles Themselves as Allies

How to Effectively Approach Grimoire Magic with the Pentacles

And the Suggestion that Folk Magic and Grimoire Magic are not so Separate

Alexander Moore
Author: Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.