Sorcerous Method

If you’re the sort of occultist who has taken the courses, bought the books and put things into practice but still finds that your day-to-day is a far cry from what you’d hoped it’d be, The Sorcerous Method is for you.

Candle Magic

Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.

In particular, I am excited to offer a coaching program called The Sorcerous Method which takes the client through a one-on-one mentorship, month after month, with the goal of helping them improve their own magic and use it to build their ideal experience. Over the course of my practice I’ve been blessed to have peers and mentors who have inspired me to better understand how magic works and I am happy to share the lessons I’ve learned in order to live a genuinely enchanted life.

If you’re the sort of occultist who has taken the courses, bought the books and put things into practice but still finds that your day-to-day is a far cry from what you’d hoped it’d be, this service is for you.

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Playing Card Cartomancy

Coaching Consultation and Readings

  • Conjure Cartomancy Reading: $50
  • If you have a need for divination, I’m happy to provide playing card readings in the form of traditional, rootwork-based cartomancy. A nine-card spread focusing on the past, present and future of a question is on offer.
  • Individual Spell Troubleshooting: $100 per spell

Have an important spell you want to put into practice but feel like you could use a second set of eyes? I’m happy to provide counseling on spellcraft and my perspective on how to determine if your spell is at its ideal effectiveness.

  • The Sorcerous Method: $300 per month

Includes an hour voice/video chat wherein we go deep into discussing, bit-by-bit what is required to level up your whole existence. 

Note: The only people who would best benefit from The Method are practicing occultists who have had some basic success. This does not promise to teach people from the ground up. There are numerous books and courses doing just that on the internet. 


Empowers You

“Alex provides a methodical and straightforward path to self-growth that empowers you to take charge of your personal betterment and fulfillment.”

Kathleen Zhang


“Alexander Moore’s program of instruction has helped me in connecting dots in my own magic. He does an excellent job of taking the lessons of his own extensive magical practice and making them applicable to anyone’s, whatever tradition or system they call home. We all got into magic to get what we want and need out of life. If that’s not consistently happening, Alexander Moore can guide you into getting there.”  


My Life Has Visibly Improved

“Since starting The Method, my life has visibly improved. The first few days after creating my Saturn and Mars bottles had left me in a state that felt akin to possession, in the sense that I can feel the benefic virtues of these planets embodied within me, prompting me to work hard until I am a month ahead on my deadlines and obligations. The Jupiter and Sun bottles have also brought about success and recognition in ways that I hadn’t expected. Not only do I often receive serendipitous discounts without asking for it, I have also found my work being accepted for publication— a New Year’s resolution I had set for 2022, now accomplished merely three months after the goal was made. All in all, the magic lessons as taught by Alex is something I wholeheartedly recommend to others who wish to better their life and receive striking results.”

Ivy Senna

An Absolute Delight

“Alex Moore is the consummate magician’s magician. He’s a brilliant strategist & practitioner with knowledge of (and a practical mastery in) many systems of magic from late antiquity to present. Drawing from decades of experience with a proven track record, Alex is uniquely suited to be the ultimate consultant for esotericists looking to expand their awareness and reach while streamlining their practice toward more creative, efficient solutions with measurable results. An absolute delight to work with, I cannot recommend Alex enough.”

Diana Branton