Spirit Diplomacy

Often a newly developing occultist hears their peers say things like “my spirits told me X” or “I spoke to my spirits the other day and…” or even “I saw this spirit of mine and it looks like this…” This factor in magic seems at once ubiquitous and untenable for so many. The frustration that follows this, the half-answers many give as to the nature of not just training to perceive spirits but the proper methods to foster real relationships is understandably upsetting. We at Practical Occult see this issue and are doing our best to answer it in a three-part course on Spirit Diplomacy!

This course in three lessons will take the student through the no-nonsense training methods with a realistic timeframe and accessible staging so that anyone from any level can benefit from what is presented and enhance their spirit perception and, thus, the magic in their lives. Many different modalities will be discussed including how to determine which forms this takes for the individual and how to branch out from that with realistic, honest and hard-won wisdom from the instructor.

Far from something only others can do, spirit contact in a meaningful, objective and useful way is something occultists should feel optimistic about getting their hands on.

Caveat: this course series describes methods that, much like physical exercise, must be routinely upkept and practiced. One’s starting point, whether brand new or somewhat experienced must be taken into account. This will not produce results overnight, probably, but it will produce results for the diligent and determined.

$150 USD

All classes are pre-recorded, approximately one hour each, and facilitated by Alexander Moore.

After purchase the course will be emailed within 1-3 days. For those who have purchased the course bundle, the subsequent courses will be sent the day of release.

Alexander Moore
Author: Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.