Planetary Magic

From Pentacles to Angels, from Intelligences to Spirits, falls the shadow of a corpus of Planetary sorcery that has brought miracles and life-changing magical evolution to the practices of so many throughout history. We at Practical Occult have endeavored to produce for you a series of seven lectures on planetary magic that will unravel the mysteries, spiritual flavors and some spells unique to each planetary current that will take the student to a place in their practice where they can be comfortable not just working this magic but expanding it into a growing force in their sorcery and lives.

Purchased one-by-one or all at once for a discount, these classes serve to provide insights and tricks that are often hard-won after a lot of practice and serve as those “stuff I wish I knew when I started with this” keys that are so sought after in any craft. We invite you to turn your gaze to the heavens and cup the light of the planets in your hands.

Caveat: these courses do not focus on Astrological Planetary magic. No direct knowledge of astrology is required for this sorcery to work.

Planetary Classes

All 7 Planetary Magic Classes: $300 USD

Alexander Moore
Author: Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.