In keeping with our dedication to providing Discerning Individuals with the ideal and highest quality experiences in magic and operative sorcery, we have decided to launch a series of courses that can help not only fill in knowledge gaps that may exist for occultists online but that may provide tips and tricks to take an individual practice to the next level.


We here at Practical Occult make no secret of being great fans of Pentacles and their miraculous effects on our world. However, an often spoken-of but little elaborated-upon aspect of magic is the reality that the Solomonic Pentacles can be employed across a wide range of sorcerous systems and thaumaturgical technologies.

Protection Magic

In a changing and sometimes tumultuous world, whether the landscape of the occult community online or just the day-to-day grind, a magician is often in need of defensive measures. Whether it is protecting against the curses of an ill-tempered rival, wayward spirits brought home after a night of cemetery-walking wherein proper protocols were forgotten in haste or excitement or simply a shield against the unconscious negative energies of a toxic workplace, these courses will come in handy.

Candle Magic

Candle Magic

It’s a ubiquitous part of magic today, the idea of burning spell candles upon an altar. These vessels of magical force and bright-burning, world-shaping energy come in many forms and are used in many ways. Mastering fire to illuminate our witchcraft is second-nature to most practitioners in our world and, yet, often people find their candle spells lacking in a certain punch and profundity of result.

Mojo Hands: the Miracle Bundle

Coming September 2022