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Since opening in 2019, Practical Occult has been associated with exceptional results. Respected by peers. Valued by the Community. Trusted by customers.

Jupiter Honors

Powerful Treasures

Shop for lasting artifacts that will astound and delight! These treasures are made with appropriate astrological timing, if required, ritually consecrated and ready to use.


Classes, coaching, consultations, and readings to help you achieve your best.

Here at Practical Occult we are excited to announce the latest of many small, one-off courses on various aspects of magic from the ground up. In keeping with our dedication to providing Discerning Individuals with the ideal and highest quality experiences in magic and operative sorcery, we have decided to launch a series of magic courses that can help not only fill in knowledge gaps that may exist for occultists online but that may provide tips and tricks to take an individual practice to the next level.

In the Veritable Key of Solomon there is a pentacle under Jupiter with the description “to obtain the greatest honors and dignities.” Around this pentacle reads a versicle from Hebrews 2:7, “Thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands.” Read more in the newsletter…

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