Kthonia Ritual Apothecary

We at Practical Occult continue our focus on providing the utmost quality wares to our legions of discerning individuals as time goes on and as we expand. With the advent of our one-off classes which have in part a folk-magic focus on practical spellwork, we would settle for nothing less than the finest purveyor of conjure oils and other folk-magical supplies to supplement the education of our customers. After all, providing enlivened materia to occultists to better expand their results and magical experiences is a time-honored role.

To this end we are proud to recommend our beloved Kthonia Ritual Apothecary. Providing ensouled conjure oils, dusts, powders and much more, Kthonia’s owner Christa calls upon a blend of conjurework, traditional witchcraft and other spirit-led practices to craft truly boutique items that fit the same criteria as we hold for our amulets. Intelligent, adaptive and shimmering with magic and the promise of deeper spiritual connection, the items crafted at Kthonia are nothing short of what anyone would hope to acquire from genuine conjure doctoring in an American folk magical context.

It can’t be stressed enough just how well the craft behind these items embodies the standards upheld by genuine conjure and witchcraft. To say the spirits sing through the blend of the items is only to scratch the surface of their serpentine depths. Purchasing and employing these tools in your spellcraft is to fling open the gates of magic to the coiling serpents of the earth that whisper at deeper mysteries and, most crucially, vaster effects from personal spellcraft.

We are also happy to point out a few key items that are especially beloved of us here at Practical Occult. These suggestions are by no means the whole of the stock and stores found at Kthonia Ritual Apothecary’s Etsy site but we feel they give a great preview of what one can expect.

Dominadora: Our Dominadora oil is a great oil to use with Filomena Lubana/Santa Marta and has been consecrated under her tutelage as a fierce commanding oil suitable for any works needed to gain the upper hand and or insert your will over a person/situation.

Run Devil Run: The act of Hot Footing is very old and traditional work in folk magic to drive away negative people, as well as trespassers.

We’ve always known this as a powder form used in foot track work. While foot track work is entirely possible, we find it sometimes difficult to do in some circumstances.

When we cooked this oil, it was specifically made to baptize and coat parts of their vehicle that we know they would touch (for example, their car door handle).

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire for peace of mind and space. We used traditional foundation Hot Foot ingredients (sulfur, extremely hot peppers, cayenne) and incorporated some nature materia as well as the dirt from a well contained spirit that I specifically doctored to work this oil, and incorporated that into a hot red pepper oil I’ve had cooking for over 3 months with frequent prayer. We also used a pinch of my black salt (which if you happen to have purchased from me, you know that stuff is potent on its own!)

When you work this oil you’re going to want to wear a pair of gloves, you never want your work turning against you. You can coat specific candles, or get creative, coat items you know only your target will touch, do a little layer on their shoes/shoestrings, the list is endless. We are proud to say this oil will work to quickly remove unwanted people from your spaces quickly.

Crown of Success: Our Crown of Success oil is used to amplify success in all desired ventures (career, goals, prosperity, literally life in general) including your own work (conjure, ritual, etc).

This potent and fast working oil has been worked every day of the week, with a diverse set of prayers and petitions to set you up for the success you need and deserve.

This crown isn’t heavy on the head, but don’t be surprised if folks start seeing how shiny you really are.

Kthonia Ritual Apothecary

Christa is a Key-holder of the Dead, and the Crossroads. Her approach is a humble, yet well-versed system of navigating either side of the Veil through a foundation of Rootwork, Necromancy, Traditional Witchcraft, and Hekatean Sorcery.

Alexander Moore
Author: Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.