Daily Carry: Christa from Kthonia Ritual Apothecary

A daily carry is a current trend that I have found useful on countless levels. This wide and sorcerous world is full of many mysteries, miracles, and lessons. As small children, we are all taught to “Look both ways” before we cross the street. The reason seems pretty obvious once it’s pointed out as a child, and even more so as an adult. As magicians, the same concept applies. We either teach, or have taught others, to arm ourselves daily with prayers, ritual, talismans, and other sorcerous tools and tactics to ensure our safety. 

That’s why I’m pleased to share with you two of my main tools for protective work: 

The Fourth Pentacle of Mars Solomonic Conjuration Oil

The Fourth  Pentacle of Mars has been hand forged to ensure victory in time of battle. A unique blending of Solomonic magic and necromancy empowered and ensouled the spirits of this powerful and hard hitting Solomonic ally. Crafted on an auspicious day of Mars, to march alongside the righteous sorcerer in great times of justified need and to imbue absolute mastery over your opponent(s).

Featured components of this oil include blessed iron nails, packed with defensive and offensive prayers, purchased shades of soldiers and hungry Dead, hand extracted mastery roots and other spirits of war. 

Suggested uses for the 4th Pentacle of Mars oil: 

  • Traditional Solomonic Sorcery with corresponding candles and a Fourth Pentacle of Mars talisman 
  • Feeding Mars-oriented protective talismans
  • Anointing windows and thresholds
  • Anointing personally owned weapons

Blessed Black Conjure Salt

“Relying on materia to aid in protection is one of the most important decisions a spiritual worker can make. Accept no substitutes. This Blessed Black Conjure Salt is nothing short of an ensouled item that acts on its own to bring about protective aid.”

Alexander Moore

A unique and well crafted approach to a traditional witchcraft staple, our house-made Blessed Black Conjure Salt is a potent go-to for any protection and warding work. Calling the spirits of the earth and what lay beneath it to your aid. Featured ingredients of black lava salt seasoned by custom powders to drive away enemies, combined with fierce prayer cycles and ash to scatter the names of those who mean you ill will to the winds of nothingness. 

Suggested uses for our Blessed Black Conjure Salt: 

  • Placed under mats or along thresholds (do not leave on the ground if you have animals)
  • Protection gris-gris or mojo hand work feeding 
  • Dressing candles
  • A filler for poppets/dolls created for banishing or protection 

There are folkloric myths, songs, sagas and poems about warriors of all paths of life. In modern times, one could say the cleverest and strongest protections come from people who have had to fight and protect themselves. The collaboration between my spirits and myself, that make up Kthonia Ritual Apothecary, are foundationally experience based.

Kthonia Ritual Apothecary

Christa is a Key-holder of the Dead, and the Crossroads. Her approach is a humble, yet well-versed system of navigating either side of the Veil through a foundation of Rootwork, Necromancy, Traditional Witchcraft, and Hekatean Sorcery.

Author: Kthonia

Rootwork, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Herbalism.