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Cairo Zodiac Amulet

Cairo- Amulet
Solar Blessings
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A powerful invocation from the Greek Magical Papyri brought to life in this modern take on an ancient artifact.

The original Cairo Zodiac, also known as the Tabula Daressy dates from the Roman period and was first discovered in an antique shop in Cairo. It features the Greek zodiac, the animal forms of Teucer’s dodekaoros, and Helios, Selene, and a snake in the center.
Each zodiac has been consecrated using PGM IV. 1596-1715: The Consecration for all Purposes/ Spell to Helios:
Give glory and honor and favor and fortune and power to this phylactery!

  • Cat/Aries – Glory and favor
  • Dog/Taurus – Strength and honor
  • Serpent/Gemini – Honor
  • Scarab/Cancer – Strength
  • Donkey/Leo – Strength, courage, and power
  • Lion/Virgo – Success and victory
  • Goat/Libra – Sexual charm
  • Bull/Scorpio – Let all things be accomplished
  • Falcon/Sagittarius – Success and good luck
  • Baboon/Capricorn – (not listed)
  • Ibis/Aquarius – Protect
  • Crocodile/Pisces – (not listed)
The amulet is 1.5″ diameter and made of brass.

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