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Triangle of Hekate

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This exquisite scrying mirror, dedicated to the Goddess Hekate, is inspired by a base discovered in Sardis and dated to the 1st century CE.

One of each of the 3 faces of the goddess is carved carefully into each corner. A crescent moon crowns each head, and each figure holds a torch, a whip, a key, a dagger or a serpent.

Meticulously placed, the original Greek intonations ΔΙΟΝ, ΦΟΙΒΗ, and ΛΥΚỊẠ speak to the relationship between Hekate and the other deities, as well as acknowledges her power over the art of divination. The final epithet, ΑΜΙΒΟΥCΑ, appears at the feet of each Hekate figure, possibly symbolizing her ability to affect change as an intermediary between the gods and those who appeal to her.

The triangle measures 8 inches on each side, and comes with its own wooden stand. It is constructed from steel with a copper mirror, and lightly coated to prevent rust and tarnish. [powr-form-builder id=”2876fcce_1617745929″]

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