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  • Jupiter Prosperity Lamp

    Jupiter Prosperity Lamp

    I have been working with the Second Pentacle of Jupiter for almost two years, and over this time, I have learned a lot of tricks and tips for working with this particular pentacle of Solomon, which I will now share with you. The key to this pentacle, as with many others, is that just as […]

  • Solomonic Health Pentacles: a Comparison

    Solomonic Health Pentacles: a Comparison

    When most people familiar with Solomonic pentacles think of a health pentacle, the Second of Mars from the Clavicula Solomonis (or Greater Key of Solomon) is the one that comes to mind. However MS Wellcome 4670 (The Veritible Key of Solomon) has two prominent others- a Jupiter health and a solar health. It is noteworthy […]

  • Seventh of Jupiter and Planetary Charity

    Seventh of Jupiter and Planetary Charity

    From the Key of Solomon: “It hath great power against poverty, if thou considerest it with devotion, repeating the versicle. It serveth furthermore to drive away those Spirits who guard treasures, and to discover the same.” The Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter is a potent and often overlooked bringer of material comfort for those in need. […]

  • Second of Jupiter

    Second of Jupiter

    This item utterly encapsulates the grace and warmth of the Greater Benefic Jupiter. It is said that “this is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches and all kinds of good, together with great tranquility of mind; also to discover treasures and chase away the spirits who preside over them.” Around this pentacle reads the […]