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  • Pentacles for Psychic and Divinatory Work

    Pentacles for Psychic and Divinatory Work

    In this newsletter, guest author “Auntie” Eden discusses her use of pentacles in psychic and divinatory work. My use of the Solomonic Pentacles in my psychic and divinatory work began earlier in the year. I had worked as both a psychic and a medium in the past, but I had let most of those skills […]

  • Sovereignty of the Sun

    Sovereignty of the Sun

    Sovereignty. What IS sovereignty? How can the Third Pentacle of the Sun aid us to gain sovereignty, to build an empire, to magnify all as Sol magnifies all? The domain of the Sun, of Sol, is the realm of Illumination, of keen vision, of splendor and riches and glory, and so much more. As the […]

  • Fifth of the Sun – the Royal Road

    Fifth of the Sun – the Royal Road

    From the Key of Solomon: “It serveth to invoke those Spirits who can transport thee from one place unto another, over a long distance and in short time.” With the roads of the world now beginning to fold open to travelers, how can the discerning customers of Practical Occult be certain to get the best […]

  • Solomonic Health Pentacles: a Comparison

    Solomonic Health Pentacles: a Comparison

    When most people familiar with Solomonic pentacles think of a health pentacle, the Second of Mars from the Clavicula Solomonis (or Greater Key of Solomon) is the one that comes to mind. However MS Wellcome 4670 (The Veritible Key of Solomon) has two prominent others- a Jupiter health and a solar health. It is noteworthy […]

  • Third of the Sun

    Third of the Sun

    This is the jewel in the crown of an emperor. This, perhaps more than any other pentacle in the catalog of Solomonic magic, is one that can propel someone’s life from one level to another, and another and another. Applied correctly, this shimmering gold disc can be armor against the world, a key to the […]