The Names of PGM IV.1596-1715

This post is a proposal for the translations of the names of the forms of the sun in PGM IV.1596-1715. Translations from the Greek by Cory C. Childs. Potential translations of Late Egyptian by Nicanthiel Hrafnhild.

In the first hour you have the form of a cat, your name is Pharakounēth; give glory and grace to this phylactery.

Potential Translation: pꜣ-rꜥ-jꜣḫw-nḏ “Protects the Radiance of Ra”/pꜣ-r-jꜣḫw-nḏ “Protects the Doorway of Sunlight/Radiance” 

In the second hour you have the form of a dog, your name is Souphi; give strength and honor to this phylactery, to this stone and NN.

Potential Translations: swpj – “Causes to be Opened” or swp.j – “He Causes to be Opened” 

In the third hour you have the form of a snake, your name is Amekranebekheo Thōuth; give honor to the god NN.

Potential Translation: ꜥꜣ-mk-r’-nb.ḫꜥw-ḏḥwtj  – “Great Protector of Ra, Lord of Appearances, [are you] Thoth” 

In the fourth hour you have the form of a scarab, your name is Senthenips; join in supporting this phylactery in this night, for the reason that it is initiated.

Potential Translation: sn-ḏj-n-jb.s “[The One] Given the Seal to Her Heart” 

In the fifth hour you have the form of a donkey, your name is Enphankhouph; give strength and courage and capability to the god NN.

Potential Translation: jn-pꜣ-nḫ-wp(t) – “By He Who Protects the Zenith” 

In the sixth hour you have the form of a lion, your name is Baï Solbaï, the ruler of time; give advantage to this phylactery and beautiful victory.

Potential Translation: bꜣ-jj-sꜥr-bꜣw “Leopard Coming Who Causes the Boat to Ascend” 

In the seventh hour you have the form of a goat, your name is Oumesthōth; give allure to this signet-ring (or this phylactery or this carving).

Potential Translation: wꜥ-ms(j)-ḏḥwtj – “One Born of Djehuty”

In the eighth hour you have the form of a bull, your name is Diatiphē, who becomes light-giving; fulfill it all through the use of this stone.

Potential Translations: ḏj-ꜥꜣ-tpj – “Given Greatness at the Beginning” (may also be Ⲇⲓ-ⲁⲧ-ⲓ-ⲡⲏ – “He Who Comes Without Dying”?) 

In the ninth hour you have the form of a falcon, your name is Phēous Phōouth, the lotus brought forth out of the abyss; give advantage and good opportunity to this phylactery.

Potential Translation: pꜣ-jꜣw-ws pꜣ-ꜥꜣ-wt “The One Without Age, Great Embalmer” 

In the tenth hour you have the form of a baboon, your name is Besbuki.

Potential Translation: Bs-bw.kj – either “I have revealed [my] place” or “I have entered [my] place.”

In the eleventh hour you have the form of an ibis, your name is Mou Rōph; fulfill the great phylactery for the good of NN from today unto all time.

Potential Translation: mꜣw rꜣ-pꜣ – “Appearing at The Doorway” 

In the twelfth hour you have the form of a crocodile, your name is Aerthoē.

Potential Translation: Ꜥꜥ-jr-ḏꜣj – “Who Ferries the Sun-Barque Across the Sky” 

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Alison Chicosky
Author: Alison Chicosky

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