Troubleshooting Pentacles

In keeping with our commitment to providing discerning individuals with genuine, effective and awe-inspiring magical treasures, the effort to help one pick the right amulet for themselves and get the most out of it is essential. Oftentimes a person purchasing their first pentacle will be a bit overcome with the sheer wide range of options we provide and, upon making their selection, find that the results they are experiencing are different than what was expected. Towards this end, we here at Practical Occult would like to provide the following suggestions:

Pick the right pentacle for the job! A Mars pentacle for protection may not be the best for a court case when the goal is victory rather than safety. In that case one might be better served by the door-opening capacities of a Mercury Pentacle or the liberation engine of a certain Solar Pentacle. Really getting to the heart of the capacity of these pentacles to create meaningful change in the lives of people sometimes begins with a bit of careful research and, if needed, contacting the Practical Occult team directly to ask our opinion on the matter. Sometimes things can get so complex that a divination is required and, in such cases, having the second set of eyes provided by a good card-reader may be the difference between leveling up in life and not.

Take genuine and sober stock of where you are in your life. Nobody wants to hear this but if you haven’t left your home in months and smell like stale perspiration and regret, a Venus pentacle is only going to take you so far in enhancing your charisma and attractiveness. Beyond this, if your environment was not conducive to meeting new people, the pentacle isn’t as likely as you might hope to get blood from a stone when the problem can be solved by changing your surroundings. While it is not impossible that a Venus pentacle can net you the love of your life at a Warhammer 40k tournament, it might have better luck at a co-ed swing dancing class.

Another fairly common example is taking note of the job market or the realistic methods of career advancement vis-a-vis your magical treasure. If you are fundamentally under-qualified for a job, even the spiritual helpers of the Fourth of Mercury may struggle to get you up to speed as quickly as you need to. Additionally, while a Second of Jupiter may not bring you an immediate lottery victory, reminding yourself that sudden windfalls of help, advice, opportunities to make more money and an ease on expenses out of nowhere still counts as boon-increase.

To piggyback off of that downer, consider the more optimistic second side of that coin (or pentacle) in that you may be seeing successes you don’t realize. Maybe you haven’t found your romance-novel-tier love interest two weeks after getting your hands on a Venus pentacle but if you take a look at how you’ve suddenly been invited out to more gatherings in the past two weeks than you had in the same amount of months, you can see how the spirits of the pentacle are working double-time to open your roads to some great experiences. Remember, the experience you have with these spirits is more akin to a partnership than anything else.

Ask yourself if the amulet is damaged! A few customers have reported that the effects of their pentacles have rapidly ceased only to realize that one or both sides is so physically compromised as to have rendered the talisman inactive. If it is warped, melted, split in half or things of that nature, this may be why problems are arising. This is more common for customers who buy pentacles and keep them in a drawer in a home office desk or otherwise out of sight only to find that their child has gotten a hold of it somehow and put it back entirely obliterated.

Don’t actively thwart the efforts of the pentacle. Just because you now have a wealth amulet doesn’t mean good financial habits need to go out the window. Even in mundane terms, people who get sudden promotions often continue to live beyond their means because they are accustomed to, only knowing in a vague way that they are making more money but having no real lifestyle changes to shot for it. Similarly, any pentacle that enhances one’s ambient charm, like the Second of Venus, won’t undo intentionally caustic or acerbic remarks made to friends, co-workers or the potential object of one’s affection.

Don’t neglect to speak to the amulet when you have it. Some people report results where the pentacle seemed to grant them instantly what they desired straight out of the gate. If you don’t find that to be the case, maybe your circumstances are more complex, have a larger number of moving (or stuck) parts and otherwise would benefit from more actively direction. Speaking your intentions aloud to the spirits of the pentacle can produce more immediate, targeted results that are what you may have been after when purchasing the item to begin with.

If a lot of this advice seems to sum up to “don’t get in your own way about this” it’s because, well, that’s essentially it. When purchasing one of our pentacles, you are employing a team of spirits of a planetary nature to act on your behalf. From our litany of excellent reviews to the storied history of Solomonic magic itself, it is a safe bet to invest in these products. If you have found yourself having done so with less-than-ideal results, consider running down the list of these strategies and applying them.

Many have been the emails that I have personally responded to with these same suggestions only for the problems to clear up once the client put them into action. I am certain that this will provide anyone who is finding their situation to be a bit unconventionally difficult to enchant with a practical path forward towards a more enchanted life.

Alexander Moore
Author: Alexander Moore

My name is Alexander Moore and I am a practicing esotericist with over two decades of active experience in several occult systems including Solomonic Magic, Conjure and other folk practices and Traditional Witchcraft. I am proud to provide coaching, mentorship and divination for occultists who are interested in taking their magic and their lives to the next level in a changing world.