How to Use Multiple Pentacles Together to Enhance Your Magic

When you think about using pentacles for your magical workings, chances are you typically are applying them singularly toward a specific objective or goal. This makes sense if you take a siloed approach to planetary magic and working with spirits that fall within a specific domain of influence. However, I want to challenge you to consider a different approach, where you use multiple pentacles in collaboration with each other, in order to exploit the field of probability and transform the possibilities contained therein to manifested results.

I’ve been fortunate to acquire from Alison the following pentacles: The Second of Jupiter (Wealth/Riches), the First of the Moon (unlocking doors), the Second of Mercury (improbable results), the Third of the Sun (Empire), the third of Venus (love), and the second of mars (health). Each of these pentacles, on their own is quite potent, but being the magical experimenter that I am, I am always curious about how they can be experimented with.

A couple years ago, When I acquired the second pentacle of Mercury, the second pentacle of Jupiter, and the first pentacle of the Moon, I decided to start using them together for the purposes of generating more wealth.

“But wait a minute, Taylor, doesn’t the second pentacle of Jupiter already do that? Why incorporate the other two pentacles with it?”

Good question. Yes the second pentacle of Jupiter is primarily concerned with wealth generation, and while that’s good, I approached this issue from a holistic perspective. Did I want more wealth? Yeah, I did, but I also wanted more opportunities to generate wealth, and I wanted to open doors for myself, both with my book sales, my classes, and with the job I was holding at the time, which was a customer support job. So I took a novel approach and used all three pentacles together (in combination with a magical working of my own) to help me not only generate more wealth, but unlock doors, and uncover and apply unconventional solutions. Here’s how it worked:

I applied the second of Jupiter to my book sales, and to the lead generation I needed to achieve at my job. I treated the second of Jupiter as a dial, and so I would dial it up when I needed a little more oomph with generating a lead or if book sales were down for the day. I applied the First of the Moon to the Jupiter pentacle, with the idea that not only would I generate wealth, but I would unlock opportunities and closed doors, causing them to open so I could get the results I wanted.

I also applied the second of Mercury pentacle to my job and my marketing. At my job the second of Mercury helped me solve complicated problems by inspiring creative ideas and novel solutions. In my book marketing the second of Mercury helped me discover the best messaging to use with my ad copy, which in turn generated more sales. It also opened me to the possibility of teaching virtual classes, which provided another profitable income stream.

Instead of taking a siloed approach to my pentacle work, what I’ve done is applied the pentacles together to produce enhanced results. And as I mentioned above, I also combined the pentacles with a magical working of my own. At my old office space I had magnets with metals balls hanging from the ceiling of my cubicle. I turned the magnets into magical artifacts that would attract the attention of potential readers and draw them into becoming customers. I would then touch the pentacle of Jupiter to the magnets each day, enhancing them with the jupiterian gravity. I found it to be an effective way to generate wealth. It ultimately helped me quit the stressful day job.

Even now, living a gig life, I use the pentacles to help me generate wealth. The other day I was doing door dash deliveries and I used the first of the moon to help unlock more dashes, and used the Jupiter pentacle to draw the higher paying dashes, while using the second of mercury to help me navigate while driving. I also applied the third of Venus to my customer interactions, because I want them to love me (platonically) and give better tips and ratings. I’m also applying the third pentacle of the Sun to help me build my business so that I make enough money to do what I love to do, and live life on my own terms.

Astute readers may note that not only am I using the pentacles in conjunction with each other and other magical workings to produce specific results, but that I’m using the pentacles in ways that fall outside the traditional description of what they do. In a future newsletter, I’ll explain how I’ve modified the function of the given pentacles to work with them in non-traditional ways, and still get excellent results. Until then, experiment with combining multiple pentacles together and see what results you get.

Taylor Ellwood is the author of numerous books on the occult including the Process of Magic, The Magic of Writing and Space/Time Magic. To learn more about him and his magical experiments, visit

This post was originally a Practical Occult newsletter dated May 23rd, 2021 and written by Taylor Ellwood. 

Alison Chicosky
Author: Alison Chicosky

Alison Chicosky is a scholar and practitioner of a variety of forms of thaumaturgy with a focus on results-based magic. While especially interested in both Solomonic magic and the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the Greek Magical Papyri, she is also well versed in soul-flight and psychic magic of various kinds. The founder and force behind Practical Occult (, she strives to provide pentacles and other enchanted items drawn from a broad background of rigorously studied ancient arts, leveraging the systems of the past for practical modern use.