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From the Veritable Key of Solomon: “For the success of Negotiators, Travelers, and Students.”

In the Veritable Key of Solomon there is a pentacle under Mercury with the description “For the success of Negotiators, Travelers, and Students.”

Working with my scryer, the spirits revealed that this pentacle was created for the wandering scholar who travels to the courts of kings to teach and must learn new customs and negotiate their worth. It is meant for those who go out into the world and open themselves like a book pouring forth knowledge, for those seeking knowledge in strange places and foreign lands, and for teachers who teach such individuals. It will lead to good teachers, and expose the frauds, taking the bearer to the knowledge they seek, whatever places it may be.

While the practical benefits to the student spending a gap year abroad or a professor looking to work at a foreign university come to mind, the pentacles could be utilized by people in numerous business or personal situations.

I am reminded of my corporate years in technology and operations where collaborating on a project with an overseas team was common, and it was critical to both understand new technology and communicate its capabilities to less technical colleagues. Additionally the best way to get a significant raise in many careers these days, is to go to another company and negotiate for higher starting pay.

Some folks reading this may themselves be students or practitioners of the esoteric arts. The benefits of this pentacle could provide assistance no matter one’s current level. For those starting out on their path to learn something new, finding good resources and teachers and avoiding the frauds can save time and avoid a lot of trouble and wasted effort. Practitioners already on their path at any level can always benefit from new information. Those that seek to teach may have to prove their value to prospective schools and students if they want the compensation they deserve.

I have been personally working with this pentacle, along with the Fourth of Mercury as I research the magic of antiquity. Both pentacles are found on the Mercurial Mind Bracelet. I have been benefiting from both insights and easy access to resources and allies to help me with my studies. I find myself directed to answers to questions I previously feared may remain unanswered. While this surely sounds less flashy than some other pentacles, the effects are extremely noticeable, and appreciated, as soon as I start to work.

This pentacle would be excellent for expats and travelers, students and teachers, lifelong learners of all sorts, people trying to understand another language or culture, and those who find themselves having to professionally negotiate their worth. Let the cunning spirits of Mercury help you find the knowledge you need, navigate through unfamiliar places, and advocate for yourself.

This post was originally a Practical Occult newsletter dated August 29th, 2022

Alison Chicosky
Author: Alison Chicosky

Alison Chicosky is a scholar and practitioner of a variety of forms of thaumaturgy with a focus on results-based magic. While especially interested in both Solomonic magic and the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the Greek Magical Papyri, she is also well versed in soul-flight and psychic magic of various kinds. The founder and force behind Practical Occult (, she strives to provide pentacles and other enchanted items drawn from a broad background of rigorously studied ancient arts, leveraging the systems of the past for practical modern use.