The Consecration for All Things

This Resource Page is a collaboration between Cory C Childs of The Shining Lyre and Alison Chicosky of Practical Occult

“This is the consecration of all things. Address to the sun: “I call upon you, the greatest god, everlasting lord, master of the cosmos, who is over the cosmos and under the cosmos, stout master of the sea, shining forth at dawn, from the east rising for the whole cosmos, sinking to the west. Come to me, you who rise from the four winds, the cheerful good daimon, for whom heaven has become the meeting-place of revelers. I call upon your holy and great and hidden names, which you rejoice to hear. The earth sprouted afresh when you shone forth, made the plants to bear fruit when you laughed and the animals to propagate when you permitted. Grant glory and honor and grace and fortune and capability, which I enjoin today to NN stone (or phylactery to be initiated) for NN.

I call upon you, the great one in heaven: Ēi; Lankhukh; Akarēn; Bal Misthrēn; Martamathath; Laïlam; Mousouthi; Siethō; Bathabathi; Iatmōn; Aleï; Iabath; Abaōth; Sabaōth; Adōnai, the great god Orsenophrē Orgeatēs Tothornatēsa Krithi Biōthi; Ïadmō; Iatmōmi; Methiēï; Lonkhoō; Akarē; Bal Minthrē; Banebaikhkhukhkhouphri; Notheousi Thraï Arsiouth; Erōnerther; the brilliant sun, illuminating the whole inhabited world; you are the great serpent, who leads the way of those gods, who holds the origin of Egypt and the completion of the whole inhabited world, who in the ocean copulates, Psoï Phnouthi Ninthēr; you are he who becomes clearly visible during the day and sinks in the north west of heaven, rising in the south east.

In the first hour you have the form of a cat, your name is Pharakounēth; give glory and grace to this phylactery. In the second hour you have the form of a dog, your name is Souphi; give strength and honor to this phylactery, to this stone and NN. In the third hour you have the form of a snake, your name is Amekranebekheo Thōuth; give honor to the god NN. In the fourth hour you have the form of a scarab, your name is Senthenips; join in supporting this phylactery in this night, for the reason that it is initiated. In the fifth hour you have the form of a donkey, your name is Enphankhouph; give strength and courage and capability to the god NN. In the sixth hour you have the form of a lion, your name is Baï Solbaï, the ruler of time; give advantage to this phylactery and beautiful victory. In the seventh hour you have the form of a goat, your name is Oumesthōth; give allure to this signet-ring (or this phylactery or this carving). In the eighth hour you have the form of a bull, your name is Diatiphē, who becomes light-giving; fulfill it all through the use of this stone. In the ninth hour you have the form of a falcon, your name is Phēous Phōouth, the lotus brought forth out of the abyss; give advantage and good opportunity to this phylactery. In the tenth hour you have the form of a baboon, your name is Besbuki. In the eleventh hour you have the form of an ibis, your name is Mou Rōph; fulfill the great phylactery for the good of NN from today into all time. In the twelfth hour you have the form of a crocodile, your name is Aerthoē.

You sink (after a long time) late in the day as an old man, you who is over the cosmos and under the cosmos, stout master of the sea; hear my voice today, in this night, in these sacred hours, and let all fulfill through this stone, through this phylactery, the NN purpose, for which I initiate this. Verily, lord Kmēph; Loutheouth; Orphoikhe; Ortilibekhoukh; Ierkhe; Roum; Iperitaō; Uaï. I adjure the earth and heaven and light and darkness and the all founding great god Sarousin, you, the good daimon who is beside me, fulfill all for me through the use of this signet-ring or stone.” When you complete the initiation, say “One Zeus is Sarapis.””

English Version
Music and Vocals by Cory C. Childs
Greek Version
Music and Vocals by Cory C. Childs

Barbarous Names

Barbarous names are the words and phrases in the Greek Magical Papyri that are unable to be translated. Below you will find the barbarous names from the Consecration for All Purposes, along with a pronunciation guide using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

“I invoke you, the great one in heaven:

Ēi (ηι, /i/), Lankhukk (λανχυχ, /lan.xyx/), Akarēn (ἀκαρην, /a.ka.rɛːn/). Bal Misthrēn (βάλ μισθρην, /bál mis.θrɛːn/), Martamathath (μαρταμαθαθ, /θaθ/), Lailaim (λαϊλαμ, /la.i.lam/), Mousouthi (μουσουθι, /θi/), Siethō (σιεθω, /si.e.θɔː/), Bathabathi (βαθαβαθι, /ba.θθi/), Iatmōn (ἰατμων, /ɔːn/), Alei (ἀλεϊ, /a.le.i/), Iabath Abaōth (ἰαβαθ ἀβαώθ, /i.a.baθɔ́ːθ/), Sabaōth (σαβαώθ, /ɔ́ːθ/), Adōnai (ἀδωναί, /a.dɔː.nai̯/), the great god Horsenophrē Orgeatēs Tothornatēsa Krithi Biōthi (ὁρσενοφρη ὀργεατης τοθορνατησα κριθι βιωθι, /ɛːɛːs to.θɛː.sa kri.θi bi.ɔː.θi/), Iadmō (ϊαδμω, /ɔː/), Iatmōmi (ἰατμωμι, /ɔː.mi/), Methiēi (μεθιηϊ, /me.θi.ɛː.i/), Lonkhoō (λονχοω, /lon.xo.ɔː/), Akarē (ἀκαρη, /a.ka.rɛː/), Bal Minthrē (βάλ μινθρη, /bál min.θrɛː/), Banebaikhkhukhkhouphri (βανεβαιχχυχχουφρι, /̯x.xyx.xu.fri/), Notheousi Thrai Arsiouth (νοθεουσι θραϊ ἀρσιουθ, /no.θ θra.iθ/), Erōnerther (ἐρωνερθερ, /e.rɔː.ner.θer/)

Psoi Phnouthi Ninthēr (ψοϊ φνουθι νινθηρ, /pso.i fnu.θi nin.θɛːr/)

In the first hour – Pharakounēth (φαρακουνηθ, /fa.ra.ku.nɛːθ/)

In the second hour –Souphi (σουφι, /

In the third hour – Amekranebekheo Thōuth (ἀμεκρανεβεχεο θωύθ, / θɔː.yθ/)

In the fourth hour – Senthenips (σενθενιψ, /sen.θe.nips/)

In the fifth hour – Enphankhouph (ἐνφανχουφ, /

In the sixth hour – Bai Solbai (βαϊ σολβαϊ, /ba.i

In the seventh hour – Oumesthōth (ουμεσθωθ, /u.mes.θɔːθ/)

In the eighth hour – Diatiphē (διατιφη, /di.a.ti.fɛː/)

In the ninth hour – Phēous Phōouth (φηους φωουθ, /fɛː.us fɔː.uθ/)

In the tenth hour – Besbuki (βεσβυκι, /

In the eleventh hour – Mou Rōph (μου ρωφ, /mu rɔːf/)

In the twelfth hour – Aerthoē (ἀερθοη, /θo.ɛː/)

“Yes, O lord Kmēph (κμήφ, /kmɛːf/)! Loutheouth (λουθεουθ, /lu.θe.uθ/), Orphoikhe (ὀρφοιχε, /or.foi̯.xe/), Ortilibekhoukh (ὀρτιλιβεχουχ, /, Ierkhe (ἰερχε, /, Roum (ρουμ, /rum/), Iperitaō (ἰπεριταω, /ɔː/), Uaï (υαϊ, /y.a.i/).

Sarousin (σαρουσιν, /

Listen to a Word

The barbarous names have been written in Greek and the International Phonetic Alphabet to aid pronunciation. To hear an individual word, paste the IPA into the following site:

To view a scan of the papyri at Bibliothèque nationale de France, click below.

For more information about this spell, see The Secrets of Helios: Unlocking the Practical Uses of PGM IV.1596-1715 

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