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  • Mojo Bag with the Seventh of Jupiter

    Mojo Bag with the Seventh of Jupiter

    From the Key of Solomon: “It hath great power against poverty, if thou considerest it with devotion repeating the versicle. It serveth furthermore to drive away the spirits who guard treasures and to discover the same.” This pentacle being the last of the seven pentacles of Jupiter, is one of the less worked. But little…

  • PGMiv-1596-1715


    The Consecration for All Things This Resource Page is a collaboration between Cory C Childs of The Shining Lyre and Alison Chicosky of Practical Occult ‚ÄúThis is the consecration of all things. Address to the sun: “I call upon you, the greatest god, everlasting lord, master of the cosmos, who is over the cosmos and…

  • PGM VII. 193-96 For a Scorpion Sting

    PGM VII. 193-96 For a Scorpion Sting

    Not all magic is complicated. Our ancestors often used simple magic to handle common issues. Consider this scorpion sting spell from a collection of papyri written in Egypt during late antiquity. PGM VII- 193-96 For a Scorpion StingI first tested this when a friend who lives in Arizona posted that he had been stung by…