Mojo Bag with the Seventh of Jupiter

From the Key of Solomon: “It hath great power against poverty, if thou considerest it with devotion repeating the versicle. It serveth furthermore to drive away the spirits who guard treasures and to discover the same.”

This pentacle being the last of the seven pentacles of Jupiter, is one of the less worked. But little do folks know, that this is the best pentacle to work with if one is suffering from impoverishment or just low on cash. The spirits of this pentacle are very talented at dispelling ill-fortune, opening doors for a free flow of financial blessings.
If you have lost a job and are having a hard time finding another one, then this pentacle is for you.
Personally, I see this pentacle as one of the most important pentacles of Jupiter to have around, for it protects one against poverty, which means protecting you from wastefulness or spending unnecessarily on things you perhaps do not need.
Poverty mentality is an obstacle of wealth and this pentacle works to protect you from such a pauper mind-set, allowing you to conceive prosperity in your mind and further take the necessary actions and steps to bring your financial dreams to pass.
For those who are financially stable, with this pentacle you are sure of continuous and stabilized wealth as the spirits of this pentacle will work on your behalf to chase away those spirits who guard treasures so as for you to discover the same and further increase your wealth.

Using the Seventh of Jupiter in a Mojo Bag:

As a conjure doctor, I work mostly with mojo bags when carrying Solomonic Pentacles on my person. This way I reinforce the power of the pentacle by making it into a mini spirit bag (a portable spirit house) that is fed weekly to keep it active and breathing with life.
In Hoodoo folk practice the mojo bag acts as a container of magical force(s), containing one or more magical items of significance to its owner who after consecration carries or wears it on its person or keeps it in a special place at home to carry out its intended magical work. The contents of these bags change depending on the objective(s) of the user.
Traditionally a conjurer will bless each item separately to awaken its inherent magical powers and further program it for its current purpose. The items placed in the bag can range from roots, herbs, animal and or human parts or bones, minerals, personal concerns (e.g. hair, nail clippings, or body fluids), written psalms or and petition paper, sigils, or seals of spirits, (e.g. Solomonic pentacles and the like). The more personal the contents, the more power the mojo bag contains.
Each of these items carries within them natural spiritual force(s). I see these forces as a team of footballers working in unison to achieve a common goal; Winning The Game. Therefore, it’s imperative that you carefully select each item that goes into the bag to ensure they all work in unison as a team. Traditionally the number of items in a mojo bag are odd numbers (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13), but no more than thirteen.

Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter Mojo Bag:

  • Light one blue candle and some frankincense; pray to the Divine and your Ancestors for aid. Place a blue-coloured fabric around 6″x6″ square (or the size that would properly contain your items. The idea here is that the resulting mojo fits in your pocket with ease) on your working table.
  • Sprinkle the fabric and all other items to be used with holy water or consecrated Florida water.
  • Hold each item over the incense smoke of frankincense, while stating the purpose of each item out loud thus:

“Blue Fabric, creature of earth, I charge thee now to act as a container of magical forces. In the name of the Holy Trinity. So mote it be!”

  • Place the fabric down and then, hold the pentacle over the incense smoke while reciting 4x its activating versicle.

“Lifting the poor out of the mire and raising the needy from the dunghill that he may set him among princes even with the princes of his people.”

  • Anoint the pentacle with Jupiter planetary oil and then place it down on the fabric.
  • Hold the following items one at a time over the incense smoke, saying:

“Alfalfa, sacred herb of the earth, I invoke thy powers to protect me against poverty and open my pathways for financial blessings and closed towards poverty”

  • Burn the alfalfa into ashes and then sprinkle the ashes on top of the pentacle.
  • Hold powdered Norfolk Island Pine (Auricaria excelsa) or Cedar over the incense smoke while saying:

“Norfolk Island Pine, sacred herb of the earth, … (add the usual as with Alfalfa)”
Hold 4 fenugreek seeds, powdered nutmeg over the incense smoke, and say the usual as above.

  • With each item placed (one at a time) on top of the pentacle, breathe out 4 times on the package and then gather the edges of the fabric together (two edges at a time); tie it up with a blue thread to seal everything up in the fabric.
  • Traditionally the string/thread is tied into a knot (for this mojo, use four knots) to hold the bag shut with words like:

“With these magical knots I bind you, Seventh pentacle of Jupiter protection against poverty mojo bag to my Will, to protect me against poverty and open my pathways for financial blessings and closed towards poverty”

  • Now, hold the mojo bag over the incense smoke and proceed to recite 4x the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter. Flow this up with an invocation of the angels of the first pentacle of Jupiter thus:

“By El, the vast and expansive One, through Sachiel, the Archangel of Jupiter, I invoke thee, ye angels, Netoniel, Devachiah, Tzedeqiah, and Parasiel, to place your hands invisibly upon this mojo bag and infuse it with the powers and virtues to protect me against poverty and open my pathways for financial blessings and opportunities and closed towards poverty”

  • Now, and anoint the bag, hold it over the incense smoke and recite 4x the following:

“Lifting up the poor out of the mire, and raising the needy from the dunghill, that he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.”
“Oh beneficial spirits of Jupiter, let it rain material wealth, riches, and success upon me…NN, so that I may solve the problems that burden me with ease.
Oh magnanimous spirits of Jupiter, favour me with your gifts of material wealth, riches, and success which I promise to share with those that are more in need. May money, material wealth, riches, and financial success come to me easily and effortlessly as I carry this mojo bag on my person or on my property, and I will give them the adequate use which has been decided upon.”
“Receive, O ye spirits of Jupiter, these offerings of light and incense, and grant my request this very moment without any delay and I shall make known Thy deeds and glorify Thy names publicly. So Mote It Be!”

  • Place mojo bag down before the candle, and meditate briefly then let the candles and incense burn out completely and your mojo is ready.
  • Anoint this mojo bag daily for seven days in a row and then once every Thursday at sunrise using the above incantation. If not carried on your person, the best place to keep this mojo bag in your house would be above the kitchen door.

About The Author

James Udung (aka, Deillumine Ra), author of “Hoodoo Graveyard Sorcery” and “Hoodoo Mojo Bags and Baby Dolls” (All Published by Hadean Press under their Guides to the Underworld series) is an Ifa priest, Professional Sorcerer, Practicing MAGI, And a Student of Nature. For twenty-four years he has studied and practiced Rosicrucian Magic/Mysticism, Solomonic Magic, Traditional Christian Magic, Ifa/Orisha tradition, Voodoo/Hoodoo Magic, African Traditional Magic (of which he is a priest), Wicca and Witchcraft. James Udung has a decade-plus of experience helping clients worldwide through the practice of Ifa/Orisha rituals, folk magic, and ceremonial practices. He offers a variety of ritual and divinatory services, classes, and courses on Hoodoo/Solomonic Conjure Rootwork Sorcery, as well as classes on the foundation of magical/mystical practice and the making and use of magical talismans, amulets and folk charms, spiritual counseling, and coaching. You can contact him via his Facebook page or via his Instagram page at Deillumine Ra. You can contact him by email at
[email protected]
To read more of his free teachings, visit his private Facebook group page at Practical Hoodoo/Solomonic Magick

Hermes-Thoth Prosperity Box

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“Take a piece of olive wood and make a small dog-faced baboon sitting down, wearing the winged helmet of Hermes / and a box on its back, and inscribe the name of Hermes on the papyrus and put it in the box. Write in myrrh ink, praying for what you do or what you wish, and after putting a lid on, burn incense and place it where you wish in the middle of the workshop.”

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This post was originally a Practical Occult newsletter dated August 26th, 2021 and written by guest author Deillumine Ra.

Alison Chicosky
Author: Alison Chicosky

Alison Chicosky is a scholar and practitioner of a variety of forms of thaumaturgy with a focus on results-based magic. While especially interested in both Solomonic magic and the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the Greek Magical Papyri, she is also well versed in soul-flight and psychic magic of various kinds. The founder and force behind Practical Occult (, she strives to provide pentacles and other enchanted items drawn from a broad background of rigorously studied ancient arts, leveraging the systems of the past for practical modern use.